About Our Company


Windows that are too narrow can look wider if the blind track is extended beyond the sides of the opening whole height can be added by placing the track above the opening. If your windows are too large and dominant it often looks best to dress them with a curtain and a blind to soften the effect. If the window is recessed the blind looks best across the inside of the recess. This is especially effective for sash windows where the frame of the window is make of beautiful wood. Problem windows can still be decoratively covered using specialist products and today there is almost no window that cannot be dressed.


Blinds are an excellent way to control glare and keep the room at an even temperature without darkening the room too much, In order to cut down on glare choose a dark colour to cut out more light as long as the room is not too small. Venetian and vertical blinds are a good choice as you can control he amount of light that comes in and adjust them to the changing angle of the sun.


If the window has a pleasing shape but looks out onto your neighbour's washing line you can select a blind that will soften the view without blocking off all the light. Lighter coloured fabric, metallic or even woven wood in paler shades are the best choice for a room that does not get much light because of its position or a nearby wall.


A window that is close to the road or overlooked by neighbours can make you feel as if you are on display. Blinds are far less hassle that the old fashioned curtains that do not suit modern decor.


You do not want to display your possessions to everyone passing your house. Blinds can be adjusted to give security without sending a massage that no one is at home as the old traditional curtain does. Rather have two or three blinds in a large window as it is more versatile than one large blind or curtain. Blinds are easier to keep clean and take up far less room that blockout curtains which are heavy and cumbersome.

Our History

Vista Blinds were established in 2000 and have built up a good reputation on Kwa-Zulu Natal having done blinds for all the upper highway schools as well as many corporate businesses and plenty of private homes.